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Tori Jexton Knight

Tori's music blends love, positivity with social consciousness along with infectious grooves, joyous, thought provoking song writing and almost all on ukulele!

He plays both 6 String Guitar and Ukulele.

His instruments that he use are Kala, Kohala, Fender ukes, Rockjam ukes & Gibson Epiphone ukes.

You can find him on Nicola Brand Strings Artist - Tori Jexton Knight - Facebook PageNicola Brand Strings Artist - Tori Jexton Knight Instagram LinkNicola Brand Strings Artist - Tori Jexton Knight - YouTube Channel

Bio Provided By Tori

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Robert Berry

Who Is Tori Jexton knight? Definitely not your traditional ukulele Player. FOX news called him "the Lenny Kravitz of the ukulele world!".

Based out of Maui Hawaii, Tori brings elements not usually heard in ukulele music like pop, alternative, rock and even funk! It's no wonder some of his biggest influences are Prince, Billy iDol, Kiss, Michael Franti, and Lenny Kravitz! Tori is an award winning, self taught multi-instrumentalist, songwriter and producer originating from Washington D.C.

​Tori's music blends love, positivity with social consciousness along with infectious grooves, joyous, thought provoking song writing and almost all on ukulele!

​Growing up, Tori fluctuated between living in the white suburbs of Virginia with his mother where he was introduced to his love of rock music and the urban streets of DC with his father where r&b and funk ruled.

Coming from a childhood of abuse you may wonder why Tori exudes such a positive outlook on life? You can always find him laughing. "God gave me Music and it saved my life." Tori at times experienced a pretty painful childhood and even at one point ended up homeless for a short period preceding the 911 attacks.

In 2004 Tori gave his life to JESUS. "The best decision I've ever made!" And through his changed heart Tori has now reconciled with his mother who at one point in his childhood would throw away his guitars! She is now one of his biggest fans! "I'm on a mission to help cure those with broken hearts through music and relentless love"

​Tori is no newbie to the music scene. He has led or been a part of more than 20 different bands! While still attending T.C. Williams high school (Alexandria, VA) he was featured in the Washington Post along with other teens as one of the “kids to watch In the Future" for his music.

Tori has played all the major clubs on the LA scene and toured the U.S. with such bands as Eyeshine, Destination 7, Jaxx, the Lloyds of London and 7-rest. Tori won a LA Music award for his prolific bass playing, and two others awards in bands. Tori was featured on the LA tv show "Sunset Stripped" (with Eyeshine) and as a solo artist on the short lived talk show "Cafe' La'Soul'. Tori was featured on Fox News, and more recently his song "You're My Brother" was chosen as the theme for the "March For Change” (Black Lives Matter) rally in Maui for its message of positivity and unity! Most recently Tori was featured on the " segments of Aloha" portion of the Mauimama Magazine Zoom Room live FB page where he debuted his latest song, "Let Your Eyes Smile!".

​Nowadays you can find Tori playing "for smiles" locally around Maui and at church. Tori continues to write new material and is currently in the studio recording his EP.