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about nicola brand strings. . .

A Family Owned Business were everyone has A Musical Background

Nicola Sfarzo
Naples Italy - 1903

Nicloa Sfarzo

Not only did Nicloa play mandolin, he played guitar and just about any string instrumet. His love of and for music has been passed down through generations. We are musicans that understand the connection to your insturment.

a brife history of Nicola Sfarzo

When Nicola was a child, his family moved to Isola DI San Pietro in the town of Carloforte, Sardinia Italy where his father was Commander of the local Prison where he lived with his family until he decided to depart for America.

At the age of 15, Nicola became a Merchant Marine and sailed to America with his Mandolin and Guitar.

Upon arriving in America, he was stopped by a Customs Agent who asked him what he had in his cases and he said a Mandolin and Guitar. The agent asked him to play a few songs which he did. After he played. he was warmly welcomed into America.

His next stop was in California in search for family and friends he knew from Carloforte. In California he met his wife Francis Ageno also from Carloforte, they married and made their home in San Francisco.

Nicola became a baker and sadly after one year of marriage, he had an accident causing injury to his eyes, never to regain his sight. He had a family to support so he turned to his love of music. By playing his beloved Mandolin and Guitar he was able to take care of his family as a professional musician.

In the late 50’s he met Mr. Gino Pellegrini . They became friends and performed at many Bay Area Events. Nicola was also a longtime member of the Aurora Mandolin Orchestra.

Wanting to keep Nicola Sfarzo’s legacy alive, Nicola Brand Strings was born. Nicola Brand Strings is a family owned business in the San Francisco Bay Area and Purveyors of fine handmade Acoustic Strings. Made in the USA.

His Next Stop

video story. . .

about Nicola Sfarzo's life's journey

"The Blind Man That Could See"

A musical tribute to Nicola Sfarzo, whom Nicola Brand Strings is named after. A professional Musican playing Mandolin and Guitar that supported his family. We hope you enjoy this muscial tribute to Nicola Sfarzo. Thanks, Robert Barry for the tribute to Nicola.

the video

the owners. . .

owned and made by "musicians for musicians. . ."

Ron Sfarzo

CEO and musican

The following interview with our CEO, Ron Sfazo was conducted by the NAMM Oral History. Ron's father, Nicola made his living and supported his family, playing stringed instruments. Both of Ron's brothers were also in the music business as well as Ron. This is why Nicola understands what is important to you, the musican/player unlike other that manufactures.

Link to Ron Sfarzo's LinkedIn Page Link to Ron Sfarzo's Facebook Page Link to Ron Sfarzo's YouTube Page Link to Ron Sfarzo's Website

Chris Sfarzo

sales & artist relations and drummer

Nicola Brand Strings, Made by Musicians for Musicians is just a slogan. Almost everyone at Nicola Brand Strings plays music and is involved in playing.

Watch Nicola's Chris Sfazo, Sales and Artist Relations person for Nicola, playing drums for the Mick Donovan Band.